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Release Note (release B of May|May 22th, 2024)


Product Line

Feature & Bug fix

Corporate EMS


  1. Added point display of energy storage device details including PCS/BMS/BMU, only supports EEI 8YF100 (PCS) and CELXPERT HV-ESS-64 (BMS/BMU)

  2. Download Data: Supports detailed data of energy storage equipment, only supports EEI 8YF100 (PCS) and CELXPERT HV-ESS-64 (BMS/BMU)

  3. A complete list of new support for Power Consumption and Power Generation, including Latest Power Generation and Daily Power Generation information

  4. Node Labeling support node and label naming and sorting adjustment

  5. Added support for TAIK_S-600 electric meter device

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