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Secure Architecture

We build our cloud products on AWS Tokyo Region to provide the fastest connection experience for our major service area, Japan and Taiwan.

The architecture is based on secure architecture according to AWS Security Pillar. Each instance is covered by a security group within a private subnet with firewall settings. To ease the peak loading, load balance mechanism is built for stable connection.

Regarding platform access control, the end point of Internet of Energy Platform (IOEP) is protected by API gateway with corresponding Authentication / Authorization / Accounting mechanism according to our account system. All sensitive information (including password) is encrypted and stored in a restricted user management service (UMS). Only the account owner has the right to update it (not even by NextDrive.) We leverage the micro-service architecture to make sure each service has the direct responsibility for user / device / data management, which also makes these service are highly scalable for massive device connection. This provides the maximum service availability for our customers.

Data Accuracy

In IOEP, data is collected by device gateway with digital signal reading and writing. The reading time information is important for data sampling and its further application. The sampling time is given by the data collection gateway (GW), which keeps syncing clock with cloud service through TLS connection. Therefore, the time information accuracy can be guarantee. As for the device that its time information is provided by the device directly, for example, WiSUN Smart Meter, please reference the corresponding device datasheet for the data accuracy information.

More Introduction

To know more of our security architecture regarding to your application, please Contact NextDrive.

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