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Release Note (release C of May|June 12th, 2023)


Product Line

Feature & Bug fix

IoE Platform

IoE SuiteDeveloper

  • Remove following usable Scope (Register) of “SolarEdge_SunSpec“ because the registers doesn’t supported by manufacture.

    • dcVoltageInTotal (40098)

    • sfOfDcVoltageInTotal (40099)

    • alarm1 (40127)

Cloud application


Cloud infra


IOEn Connect(Setup APP)

Product line coming soon

Gateway firmware

  • Cube J

    • FW version v4.0.16083 was released on 2023/6/13 01:31 (UTC)

      • Improved process handling efficiency

  • Atto

    • FW version v4.0.18080 was released on 2023/6/13 01:30 (UTC)

      • Improved process handling efficiency


  • Support new Modbus Devices

    • MSYSTEM_M5XWT(Link

    • Panasonic_ECOnect-Series(Link

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